Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stop being such a b...


Holy shit! Girls can be so fucking mean, especially these little girls growing up now. These little c words go around swearing they're the sexiest things alive and being bullies and talking shit about everyone. I'm worried for our fucking country. That generation is so inconsiderate and emotionally retarded I don't know how they'll ever manage to function as real adults. Most people I know under the age 29 do not know what the fuck to do with their lives. What the fuck? How is that possible. The twins are going to be 21 and the two of them are working bullshit jobs, taking bullshit classes here and there and making shitty ass decisions left and right all while taking zero accountability for any of it! They're girlfriends are so two faced it's sad but it's not their fault, all of them are like this! This is why I want to work with children. To help them before they become impotent adults. I'm not being judgmental, I'm relaying what I observe. (Oh and by the way, the fact that they are incapable of communicating is hilarious to me. This is the generation of "OMG TTYL LMAO" and we wonder why they can't express they're feelings in a articulate mature mannar? They don't even fucking know how to talk to each other over the phone! There's a complete void of interpersonal interaction!)

I wish they could think about someone besides themselves for just a moment. How about instead of tossing emotional poison by calling someone fat or ugly or stupid they instead recognize that all that shit is from their own goddamn insecurities. If anyone ever tries to insult me I laugh in their face. Nothing they say will hurt me, I'm just sad they're so disrespectful and carry so much anger in their hearts. I don't disrespect people. I've gone above and beyond to be honest and open and kind and loving and every other good thing with everyone I encounter even people who are difficult to like because I try to perceive God in everyone. If we're supposed to love God, and God is everything then God is in you and God is in me. So I love you. Even if you're being a cunt. (I'm not really that religious I use it more as a moral guide of the fact that everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect no mater who they are.)

Being compassionate is not a weakness it's of my greatest strength. I have the ability to empathize with anyone. But when I'm being disrespected I see red. When people attempt to insult me they go first for my weight. It's catty and mean and it's a trigger of mine considering people were extremely hurtful in the past about my weight. Now that I'm a healthier person it only takes me about a minute or two to calm down. I'm beautiful, desirable and sexy. I went out last night and all this weight got asked for her number a four times (not that I gave it out) and I was in workout clothes with no make up on. I'm educated, ambitious, intelligent, funny, mature, kind, compassionate, dedicated, and the list fucking goes on because I'm so fucking awesome.

I'm not justifying myself to anyone. I just hate when women attack one another. For what? A person who is using both of them because he can't figure out if he's ready to be a man or whatever.

I have no expectations. I live my life day by day because who knows if I'll be here tomorrow. I spread love and laughter. I'm not a little girl. I'm actually quite clever so when people communicate what's going on I'm able to understand it better. I'm not competing with anyone. This is my life, not a game show. I'm a woman, not a cast member. I fucking HATE drama. I'm friends with absolutely everyone because I hold no grudges.

I suddenly don't believe in karma. I think we give ourselves what we think we deserve in this life. I deserve more than to be treated poorly, that's why I'm getting my doctrine, losing weight, building my career, getting my own place. Because I and my future family deserve the best. If you've given up on yourself you make decisions like you've given up on yourself. Such as eating until you're 300lbs or not going for that job you're actually qualified for.

"Patience" is usually always a good answer to pretty much any question. It's as if we instinctively know our time on this earth is limited with how impatient we are. We're enabling entire generations of having under developed frontal lobes which lead to poorer decision making skills and zero patience. Everything is instant gratification. You can look up anything that pops up in your head from the palm of your hand 24/7. Before we have time to process anything our fingers are already posting venom on social media. I refuse to continue a cycle of hate but I also will not be disrespected. If people have issues with me it would save a lot of drama and silliness to just directly confront me. I'm a chill, kind, reasonable person.

"When happy, be kind. When angry, be kind. When hopeful, be kind. When discouraged, be kind. When ever, be kind." Cory Booker is the man. Wise words I live by. I would encourage all of humanity to try it.

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