Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweet Autumn

He deserves all the praise I give him. All the sweet letters full of passion. He deserves to be told he is an amazing person and I would enjoy his companionship for the rest of my life. Last night I dreamt the two of us eloped and he was helping me plan a fancy wedding with my parents who were absolutely thrilled by our marriage. I awoke to him holding me and letting out a small pleasurable sigh as I snuggled closer and kissed his cheek. Last weekend we went to new hope and had an amazing time. He is patient and polite and he likes my interests and has interests of his own. We ate at an expensive restaurant where he didn't allow me to even look at the bill. When I told him he could get the check only if he let's me get the next three he got all pouty and said absolutely not. I love and hate that. I can pay for myself now and I could treat him as well but I love the feeling of being taken care of even though he knows full well I can take care of myself. There's something contemporarily chivalrous about it if that's not an oxymoron. Saturday I awoke in his arms. We went apple picking. On the way to the farm there was an Oktoberfest festival taking place. We stopped and had beehive cake. Then he made passionate love to me, afterwards it was to the supermarket and then we spent our night making pies and talking. He actually helped me bake and wanted to be good at it. In the kitchen he would watch me and smile. He would come from behind and gently hug me and kiss my head. He stopped me in the middle of the kitchen and danced with me for a second with no music playing. The love I feel when I'm around him... it makes me drunk. He's modest and kind and thoughtful. His gentleness is completely masculine and makes me want him much more. He's sensible and knows how to reprimand me and bring me to my senses in a way that opens my eyes and let's me see for myself how silly I'm being. I don't care what the world thinks of us. I'm so happy with him. And honestly he's just a happy with me. On December 26th in the wee hours of the morning he told me he wanted to give us a shot. "I want to be with you" Nine months later here I am writing about how perfect his is on our mini anniversary. My ex once jealously tweeted "a bigger man in every way" speaking of some fling I had. He was mainly write. But with Anthony? Well Anthony is the bigger man in every way. And I do mean every. I reflect on the fact that my birthday is coming up glad about that had happened. I would not be so happy now if none of it had happened. Anthony surpasses any man I have ever encountered. I told him tearfully the other day that of he ever decided to leave I would be so angry knowing i would have to look very hard and never find anyone as good. It's the truth. He's not perfect but frankly... other men should be taking notes.