Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Since I'm awake I shall use up some energy writing nonsense. Today was lovely. I got told I was beautiful by a woman who was staring at my vajayjay, it was a nice compliment whether she meant my baby maker or my money maker (my face). Three different people told me I looked great and they could tell I was losing weight. I fit into my sexy jeans again. Then I made cupcakes for Anthony and his mom and sister. His mom was very please, she liked them a lot. She's really nice and very shy, you can tell where they get it from. I've been spending more time at their house, I've helped her clean up and make dinner, she's warming up to me little by little. Then my valentine and I went to sushi. Omg it was amazing. I'm so glad I found a place as good as Nizi close to home. I packed cupcakes for me and Anthony and we went to Starbucks and had them with coffee. Then we came back to my place and played with my bunny. She was being so sweet. I really love her. Anthony expresses how much he misses Ben sometimes. It always makes me wanna cry. Then we went to heaven and back and watched the beginning credits of The Graduate before my boo tuckered out. He's currently passed out next to me. He had daisies and purple roses delivered to me, it was really sweet and now I have an awesome purple vase :). I got him love sneakers (they're just like regular sneakers only romantic... Okay I'm lying they're just regular sneakers) and chocolates and a homemade card of us as "moopets" he liked it. His birthday is tomorrow got him presents, feel like I should do something else but I guess I'll be taking him out. He doesn't know what he wants to do. I'll consult his friends and family and we'll decide on it I suppose. Anthony told me his father used to have flowers delivered to his mom and sister every year and he would send him a plant for valentines day. Can't wait til I have kids :) It made me feel special he did something for me by following in his father's example. Really sweet. I'm going to write an essay about 100 things I love about him for his birthday I think. Maybe I'll share it. Gee night <3

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