Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet baby Universe, please be kind.

I'm a little sad. It has been a really exhausting few days. I've felt so many types of up and down emotions and heart palpitations I worry I'll permanently have an arrhythmia. It's hard to breathe... He's gentle and kind, sincere and sweet but also anxious and scared. There's so much sadness in his eyes. I know I didn't cause all that pain but I feel so responsible. It's just SO much... It feels as if there's a vacuum in the core of my chest. My heart is broken over all the pain we had to endure but more so for the pain which we dealt out. I shall sit here and mourn while listening to Coldplay but then I have to wipe my tears and continue enjoying my life. I've said my apologizes. I've displayed my heart and intentions. Now the universe will take me where it will. I have no control over the outcome of any given situation. So why worry?

p.s. Linus just fart. It was gross.

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