Monday, July 4, 2011

Kiss Goodnight

As soon as all the drama started it ended. My life went back to normal in no time at all which is surprising because I tend to fester over things to do with my past. I guess this shows I'm growing up and moving on from my dark past.
Anthony has been absolutely amazing. We had drinks with my parents the other night. My father is rather fond of him as is my mother. My brothers have been cautious because of my last relationship but are warming up to him. There's really nothing to dislike. He's real and down to earth and his gentleness is overwhelming. Told my dad I was going away on vacation with him. I told him I hope he doesn't make wrongful assumptions and stops talking to me for months afterwards like he did when I got back from costa rica. He expressed that I'm not married and vacations alone are left for honeymoons. "this isn't 1965 papi, I am going on vacation I just hope you don't get upset." we agreed to disagree and he promised he wouldn't get upset. Oh the wonders of communication.
Anthony realized my dad was very old school the other night and asked if we were to get married what would customarily be appropriate for my father. I gave him the answer but was sure to hide my smile. Mr. I have trouble getting close is thinking about one day asking me to marry him. He's so silly. I'm so crazy about him. Marriage is the last thing on my mind. Being with him now is so amazing I really don't need anything else right now.
He's absolutely wonderful... I'm really so in love and he is too... It's amazing. He does this adorable thing... When he has to do something in the morning and can't sleep over he lays with me until I'm asleep and then he tucks me in before he leaves and tells me how much he loves being with me and how pretty I look when I sleep. "you're such a sleepy puppy" he whispers in my ear. "I love you too" I whisper back... I am so blessed!

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