Saturday, July 24, 2010

Invisible Embrace

Every night before I go to sleep I close my eyes and imagine you holding me tight...

So I have found it in my heart to love again... well to like deeply again, lol. My last relationship ended in disaster and heartache but ultimately showed me that sometimes you just need to walk away. I've been emotionally and physically beaten and battered. Am I better for it? No, but I know never to be so stupid again. I'm now learning to open myself up and to just live no matter what happens. Picking myself up has been very fulfilling. For the first time ever I live to make me happy. My appearance and my weight aren't ruling my life anymore. Although I will never chop off all my hair again I know how liberating it feels to focus on other things in life then making guys look at me. I am becoming very secure with myself and what I want out of life.
Although tragedy keeps knocking at my door I will no longer play the blubbering fool. I can stand up and take charge. I can enjoy my life. I can love my life. And for right now... I do.

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